Personal Record

Per Månsson

Bonde i Näfstad.

Children with Trulsdotter

Truls Persson Mört (- 1679)


PER MÅNSSON. Farmer in Näfstad, his children are mentioned in district court 1656 13/10. Mantal 1644: Per Trulsson mh, Per Månsson mh little girl. Mantal 1656: Per Månsson ½ Näfstad, Per Trulsson mh 2 Näfstad, Sven 2 Näfsta. In mantal 1667 stood Truls (Persson) Mört mh in Näfstad. Sevede hd 1667 22/11: In the event of a complaint by Count Nils Posse's councilor Gumme Persson that his farmer Nils Jonsson is not allowed to use Fogelhem's forest for bef man Knut Månsson as it was unchanged according to him; invoked a wittnesskrift of 1652 22/5 by Swen in Skärstad, PM in Näsfstad, Emund (Månson) in Skärstad, Måns in Wy, Per in Börkhult pretending to have heard that in their childhood that S Fogelshem forest would have been changed ... But affected men are now all dead ... The deed volume 1/4 Gråsshult 1680, when Måns sat there: Marcus in Gråsshult paid Per Månsson's children in Nafstad its birthright with 1 ox as seen by the district court on 13/10 1656 and the rest his own tax land . Sevede hd 1674 10/2: Truls in Näfstad presented with a letter of purchase, as if he had bought m the part in Grasshulttorp, which is located on Miöhult tax property, however, Per Markusson and Anna Markusd: r in Gråsshult who had their grandfather Mattis in Gråshult bought with an ox in the same part of the croft, which is taken from Miöhult's property, but since Erik in Mjöhult did not submit to ibid and several others knew to tell, that Matts in Gråsshult gave Carl in Miöhult, who rode? build Miöhultgårdarna, an ox, with such a message that as long as he had the ox gone, so long would Matis in Gråsshult attach the Miöhult part to his croft. It was resolved that Erich Andersson, Per Joenssons, Inge Hanssons in Miöhult land purchase, with Truls in Näfstad, if the part in Gråsshulttorp, which is located on Miöhult bolstad, is called to be recognized, when they have paid back the ox that Mattis in Gråsshult has given Carl in Miöhult, with such a condition that as long as Carl and Hans also had the ox, Matis and his heirs would use the Miöhult part in Gråsshult. Markus i Gråsshult bort of PM :s children i Näfstad thes bornright with 1 oxe ses af häradsdomen 1656-10-13 i Gråsshult, Södra Vi (H) ("o thet öfriga hans egen skattejord" Fastebrevsvolymen 170). (Child 10) Married with subsequent ana.
TRULS PERSSON MÖRT. Died 1679 in Näfstad (died 11 July at sight between Gråsshult and Mjöhulteparken (Sevede hd): s dbk)). (See 10).
Måns Persson Mört. Kh i V Ny (E) 1639. Born in Småland (Smol Ups I no. 248; student 1625). Died 1676-03-05.

Personal History

1679 Son Truls Persson Mört dies 1679.